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August 20, 2018

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For some customers, the Reports window has become an awful mess of folders, custom reports, shortcuts and criteria. This can lead to a lot of confusion on what reports you should be using, which are duplicates and which ones are no longer valid. Quatris will present a webinar on best practices for cleaning up your CPS PM Reports window.

Attention Centricity EMR Customers using Truven

August 16, 2018

August 16, 2018

Dear Centricity EMR Customers,

GE has made us aware that Truven (their partner for supplying patient education) is currently experiencing an outage. They are working to resolve it and we will provide an update when they are back up and running.

Quatris Support
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Attention Centricity EMR Customers using the Qvera Interface Engine

July 30, 2018

July 30, 2018

Dear Centricity EMR Customers,

If your practice uses the Qvera interface engine (QIE), please read the important information provided below or click here.

Java 8 is a software requirement for the QIE version 3.0.45. Please ensure Java 8 is installed on the machine where the QIE services are running.

If running Java 9 or greater then there is an argument that has been deprecated by Java that needs to be removed from the QIE startup arguments. Click here for more information.

If you are a Quatris Hosted customer running QIE, Quatris EMR Support will take care of this for you in the upcoming days.

Quatris Support
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MIPS Tips – July

July 25, 2018

Welcome to the latest installment of MIPS Tips! In this issue we will discuss quality reporting audits, 2018 resources and tools from CMS, GE and Quality, enrollment for QSS, upgrades for 2018 and 2019, share some tools for 2017 feedback reports, and remind you about MIPS Consulting as a valuable resource.


Inevitably the step that follows attestation is an audit. We always recommend you are preparing for an audit throughout the year rather than waiting for one to happen. The peace-of-mind that comes with having all your items secure in an “attestation binder” is one that only those of you who have been through an audit can appreciate.

While the Quality Reporting Guide offers suggestions on many measures for what to prepare for an audit, Quatris created a Quality Reporting Audit Job Aid on our Podio site (and attached to this email) to assist you (before the fact!) with how to prepare for the eventuality of an audit. Our MIPS Consultants began offering the compilation of an Audit Toolkit as part of their services in 2017 and this service has been a huge hit with MIPS Consulting customers.

2018 Resources and tools

The Quality Payment Program website has been updated with 2018 MIPS Measures and Activities.

The GE Quality Reporting Guide can be found on the new GE Service Cloud site. This guide contains the workflows and requirements for the PI and Quality measures. If you have not yet upgraded to 2015 CEHRT (CPS 12.3 or higher or CEMR 9.12 or higher) you will be using the PI Transition Objectives and Measures in 2018. You will need a GE Service Cloud login to access these resources:

  • CPS CQR resources; CQR release notes, User Manuals, Webinars, and Quality Reporting Guides
  • CEMR CQR resources: CQR release notes, User Manuals, Webinars, and Quality Reporting Guides

Quatris will be hosting a Webinar Wednesday on August 22nd at 11 am CT titled “12.3 and Quality Reporting”. Click HERE to register and receive the documentation and link to the recording.

Quality Submission Services (QSS)

If you are planning on participating in the GE Quality Submission Services (QSS) program for 2018 individual or group reporting for MIPS or CPC+, the enrollment period is now open. QSS is a Service where GE will submit quality data to CMS for enrolled customers on their behalf using the EHR Reporting method. QSS enrollment is also the only way to get Group reporting out of CQR.

  • Links to the recordings and the slides of the GE Enrollment Webinars can be found on the GE Service Cloud (login is required).

Enrolling in QSS provides access to Group reports which will incur fees even if GE does not submit data to CMS. Pricing for QSS for 2018 is as follows:

  • CPC+ = $500 per provider
  • MIPS = $400 per provider


Your practice will need to be on at least CPS 12.0.13 or CEMR 9.8.13 before the start of your PI (old ACI) 90-day performance period in 2018. If you are not currently on that version, please reach out to so an upgrade coordinator can work with you on an upgrade.

  • IMPORTANT:  The last 90-day performance period, which begins October 2, 2018 is quickly approaching and if you need an upgrade it must be done no later than October 1, 2018.

In 2018 you can earn a 10% PI (old ACI) bonus if you are on 2015 CEHRT for your 90-day PI (old ACI) performance period and attest using the PI (old ACI) Measures rather than the PI (old ACI) Transition measures. If you are interested in an upgrade to 2015 CEHRT, you can reach out to to learn more.

CMS released the Proposed Rule for Year 3 (2019) on July 12. This Fact Sheet offers an overview of the proposed policies for 2019 and compares to the current year (2018). We expect the Proposed Rule to be finalized later in 2018. The Proposed Rule for Year 3 states that a practice needs to be on 2015 CEHRT prior to their PI (old ACI) reporting period in 2019. If you are reporting a full year in 2019 for PI, that would mean an upgrade to 2015 CEHRT by 1/1/2019. If you are reporting a 90-day PI period in 2019, that would mean an upgrade to 2015 CEHRT prior to that 90 days. 2015 CEHRT is CPS 12.3 or CEMR 9.12.

2017 Performance Feedback/2019 Payment Adjustment

If you participated in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) in 2017, your MIPS final score and performance feedback is now available for review on the Quality Payment Program website. The payment adjustment you will receive in 2019 is based on this final score. A positive, negative, or neutral payment adjustment will be applied to the Medicare paid amount for covered professional services furnished under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule in 2019. If you believe an error has been made in your 2019 MIPS payment adjustment calculation, you can request a targeted review until October 1, 2018.

MIPS Consulting

If your 2017 results were not what you were hoping for, we are offering MIPS Consulting services again in 2018. If you need assistance outside of support or just want the peace of mind that comes from having an expert walk through all aspects of the process with you from capturing the correct data in Centricity workflows through attesting with you, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this service. Please reach out to today for more information and pricing.

*Note: If you are a GE Direct support customer, the content of this email may not apply to you and you should work with GE on your processes for support and quality reporting programs.

Quatris Summer Newsletter

June 29, 2018

We invite you to read our summer newsletter. Click here to read about Quatris upcoming webinars and events, product tips and tricks, get to know our employees and much more!