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Q-Speak / Voice Recognition

Q-Speak is a voice recognition solution for Quatris clients. The Q-Speak solution enables the clinician to speak into a microphone and the words appear in the Centricity clinical record.

Advantages of Q-Speak documentation:

  • Seamless cloud-based application completely integrated into the EMR
  • High degree of medical terminology accuracy
  • No training of the application to your voice: excellent recognition even with accented speech
  • Fast documentation – voice recognition can be much faster than templated documentation or typing
  • Great return-on-investment – Q-Speak is very cost effective compared to traditional dictation Services.

The Quatris Q-Speak solution also has different options to suite our client’s needs:

QSpeak Anywhere: Cloud-base voice recognition. Integrates with Centricity and provides all the same Dragon functionality as the traditional local client, however, technical issues and requirements are greatly reduced.

QScribe: iPad-based application that presents patient encounters on the iPad.

QScription: Smart Phone-based application that presents patient encounters on the providers iPhone or Android device. The provider dictates in a free-form manner on the phone and then information is retrieved back into the update in Centricity.

PowerMic Mobile: A mobile phone-based application for use with Q-Speak which allows the users iPhone or Android device to be used as a microphone rather than a USB microphone.

For more information contact Mike Keller RN, MS – Director of Clinical Services – or call 817-282-0300.