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Mobility and Mobility PLUS for GE Centricity

As a medical practitioner, you’re constantly on the move. Whether you are checking in with patients on the go, or making rounds in the hospital to see a patient, precious minutes are wasted if you do not have the information you need.

MOBILITY and MOBILITY PLUS are the perfect companion and interface with Centricity
Practice Solution.

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• Real-time Data Access from any device securely
• Mobile secure access to live data
• View schedules and add new appointments
• Patient look up demographics and clinical view
• Add new patients with minimal data
• Add flags and send to appropriate staff
• View productivity reports on the fly

Mobility PLUS Features

(for Remote Charge Capture and Rounding)
• All of the base Mobility features
• Real-time charge entry to Centricity
• Shared rounding list, add or remove from rounds
• Re-bill (Tx) from previous visit
• See who has been billed for the day and who has not

Remote Charge Capture

Maintain up-to-date lists of your patients and see your associates’ patients when rounding at night or on weekends.

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