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Centricity Practice Solution from GE Healthcare

In a global healthcare environment, it’s nearly impossible to stay up-to-date on the latest research, long-term studies and clinical trials. With new regulations requiring “meaningful use” of electronic medical records, a new challenge has been added. And of course, even as you strive to improve outcomes for your patients, you still need to remain profitable. What if there was a single resource to simplify all of these areas?

Introducing GE’s Centricity Practice Solution. The name “Centricity” has been known to physicians for decades as tier-1 EMR and practice management software. Now, both of these proven products are available in a single comprehensive package. With the ability to schedule appointments, create reports, benchmark clinical outcomes and document meaningful use, Centricity connects all areas of your practice to help you stay compliant and efficient.

Stay Informed and Compliant With:

  • Access to a database of more than 17 million de-identified patient records
  • Automated alerts about drug recalls, test results and other time-sensitive information
  • Ability to benchmark clinical outcomes
  • Reports documenting meaningful use
  • Mobile access from a variety of devices

Increase Efficiency and Profitability With

  • Reliable billing systems
  • Faster payment turnaround
  • User-friendly interface

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