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Ferguson Medical Group

The Baseline

The folks at Ferguson Medical Group serve a unique population and require a unique practice management solution. After four years working with a practice management setup that didn’t meet the specific needs of this group of rural health clinics, they found Quatris. Now, Ferguson has been able to optimize their workflows, expand their practice, and treat patients better by using Centricity Practice SolutionTM: Practice Management and EMR. To get the full picture of the effects Quatris has made on Ferguson Medical Group, we spoke to some key members to talk about where their company started and where they are now.

The Process

The group came together in 1959, a mix of physicians with different medical specialties looking to create a streamlined process for medical care. FMG is now the largest physician-owned group in the state and serves Southern Missouri with seven different facilities, each with a range of specialties under one roof. “We’re independent. We’re not hospital owned, we’re not affiliated with any corporations.” explains Stephanie Koehler, Revenue Cycle Director of Ferguson Medical Group. This independence allows FMG to focus on their patients. As their mission statement promises, “we are committed to services, innovation, and quality care while serving the complete medical needs of the Southeastern Missouri area.” But the needs of this area are unique. This group is made up of rural health clinics that “serve an area that is underserved. We offer comprehensive services under one roof at multiple sites,” says Meredith Hooper, Lab Director at Ferguson Medical Group. Ferguson Medical Group needed someone who understood the nuances of their mission and would allow them to expand their practice.

The Result

The transition to working with Quatris was instantaneous. “It was night and day,” says Gary Powell, IT Director. Not only did the software work better to fit their specific needs, but Quatris was able to implement innovative upgrades geared specifically to FMG’s business model. Koehler explains, “we’ve really improved on our efficiency. We have better control, better documentation, better scheduling, better billing, and more accountability.” By optimizing their system, FMG was able to optimize their entire business.

Before actually partnering with Quatris, FMG wanted to see how the switch would benefit them. “We had an hour long session to see what kind of problems we had that Quatris might be able to fix for us,” says Powell. This phone call was with Renee Railsback, Advanced Services Specialist with Quatris Health, who was able to address many of the concerns that Ferguson Medical Group had about their software. Koehler added, “Without that team we would not be where we are today.” Working with Quatris support staff has been a very positive experience for everyone at Ferguson Medical Group. “They’re very responsive and thorough, providing training and insight that help our [productivity],” says Sharon Leonard, Director of Operations at Ferguson Medical Group. Quatris understood the unique goals of FMG, and was excited to help them achieve them.

Since working with Quatris, FMG has come a long way, and they expect to continue to grow. “Our business has expanded and we have been able to handle the expansion because of better workflows,” says Hooper.

Family Medicine Associates of Augusta

Third Time’s a Charm

This was certainly the case with Family Medicine Associates of Augusta and their experience with EMR systems. By the time the five-physician practice finally installed Centricity, the group had already tried two other EMRs.

What took them so long to go with CentricityTM? “The doctors liked the GE software a long time ago, and appreciated the stability of GE as a company, but they didn’t think we could afford Centricity,” said Kelly Litchfield, office manager. “Now we’re actually making more money.”

Better Coding = More Income

The Centricity decision was in part motivated by the possibility of meeting Meaningful Use criteria. “We knew Centricity would help us qualify for the incentive, which would help offset the cost of the system,” Litchfield explained. “While we dreaded another EMR transition, we knew it was the right thing to do. And now we’re actually making more money because the system helps the
physicians code correctly. Prior to Centricity, we had a tendency to undercode our patient visits, which meant we were cheating ourselves out of a lot of reimbursements.”

Litchfield says the practice is also hooked on Centricity’s reporting capabilities. “The system automatically picks up the Obs Terms data,” she said, “so we can immediately see whether we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing for Meaningful Use.”

Focus on Reimbursement First

Unlike their prior EMR installations, the Centricity implementation went very smoothly. “Quatris focused on reimbursement first, so we wouldn’t have a lapse in collections. That made a huge difference for us,” Litchfield said. “With prior EMR transitions, the doctors didn’t get paid for weeks. With this implementation, we didn’t really even see a dip in revenue.”

The rollout was also paced to allow the doctors to get accustomed to the system. “We rolled out the system one doctor at a time, so our productivity wasn’t impacted to any noticeable degree. That was very effective and made everyone feel very comfortable. All the kinks were worked out quickly.”

The doctors and staff also spent time offsite to train on the system. “The Quatris implementation team was here for a whole week helping us get up and running,” said Litchfield. “We spent one day offsite — out of the office setting, away from the phones — so we could really pay attention to learning. “Quatris training was excellent,” she added. “They really gave us a high level of confidence in our ability to use the system.”

Add-ons Enhance Customization

The practice uses a number of Centricity add-ons to make the system fit their workflow, including Dragon Medical speech recognition software, DocuTrak, eRx, customized clinical forms, and a bi-directional lab interface.

According to Litchfield, Centricity has made an enormous difference in the practice. “Centricity makes everything easy,” she said. “The doctors and patients are happy. Our practice is thriving. We should have chosen Centricity years ago!”

Southern Missouri Community Health Center

The Base Line

Southern Missouri Community Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center, FQHC for short. They chose to work with Quatris because of the comprehensive support we provide. After opening their doors in 2003, SMCHC made it their mission to “provide access to quality, affordable medical, dental, and mental health care” to an underserved population of Missouri. 

The Process

When SMCHC began their search for the best practice management software and support company, Angela Gargus, the CFO of SMCHC, says they found that “In performing reference checks with other FQHC’s that utilize Centricity, the one thing that became clear is, that while all the centers liked the Centricity product, not all centers were happy with their support partner”. Now Angela and her staff at SMCHC are in the same category. With Quatris by their side, the folks at SMCHC can efficiently manage their practice and care for their community. “We chose GE Centricity because of the functionality of the product and how it had supported other FQHC’s in our state in becoming clinical quality leaders.”

The Result

“We chose Quatris Health as our CentricityTM partner because of their experience with the product and the quality of their support,” Angela explained. While GE Centricity had the functionality they were looking for, the folks at SMCHC wanted more than just software; they wanted a partner in practice. 

After learning more about the products and services Quatris had to offer, SMCHC opted for Centricity Practice Solution: Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software which would allow them to streamline their workflows and ensure quality care. To complement Centricity Practice Solution, SMCHC also purchased FQHC enhancements and a new patient portal. With Quatris Health’s unique, staged implementation process, SMCHC was able to make these changes according to their own schedule and patient load. Quatris customer support staff were there every step of the way to make the transition a breeze. 

Quatris Health can take your practice to the next level. Southern Missouri Community Health Center was able to upgrade their practice on their terms, with our help. The Quatris Health support team is always available to offer knowledgeable and friendly advice. Quatris helps SMCHC manage their practice so they can focus on their patients. 

Spine Team Texas

The Baseline.

With providers specializing in neurosurgery, pain management, physical medicine & rehabilitation, and physical therapy, Spine Team Texas required a practice management system as comprehensive as the care they offer to patients. They selected CentricityTM Practice Management before opening in 2004, added EMR in 2007 and have been using both ever since. When it came time to choose an EMR solution, Centricity was again a natural choice. The practice wanted more efficient, legible charts without the high costs of transcription.

The Process.

Based on the large number of providers and clinical support staff members, it made sense to use a tag-team approach to implementation. The Quatris Health implementation team trained a small group of staff, who in turn trained the rest of the staff. The practice carefully selected an inhouse implementation team that included the doctors. With the doctors supporting the efforts, the practice knew they would have a successful outcome.

Most of the doctors maintained their patient load during the entire implementation process. Before the EMR, Spine Team averaged 145 patients per day, and they were able to maintain the same visit count during and after the implementation.

Spine Team also utilizes the Quatris Health secure cloud services. This enables them to focus on the practice and enjoy the benefits of Centricity, instead of having to install, configure or maintain an internal server.

The Result.

Spine Team has been incredibly satisfied with Centricity Practice Solution. They have automated 100% of the charts, saving valuable time. All clinical workflows have been improved, which has allowed Spine Team to run its practice more efficiently. They have continued to grow their busy practice and maintain current staffing levels. In 2017, nine of Spine Team’s physicians were named to Fort Worth, Texas magazine’s annual “Top Doctors” list.

With the combination of integrated PM and EMR software, carefully coordinated implementation and a team-driven approach, Quatris Health helped Spine Team Texas become a better practice.

Central Texas Allergy & Asthma Center

The Baseline.

Central Texas Allergy & Asthma Center (CTAAC) is a single-provider clinic managed by Dr. Robert Cook and his wife, practice administrator Cheryl Cook. The Cooks have been using Centricity™ Practice Management since 2001, but didn’t start to explore EMR until several years later. By 2007, they were eager to implement more efficient charting methods, and to get a head start on the Affordable Care Act’s Meaningful Use requirements. CTAAC’s prior experience with Centricity, in addition to Quatris Health’s experience with supporting practices through Meaningful Use attestation, helped make Centricity EMR a clear choice.

The Process.

The Cooks understood that the transition to electronic medical records (EMR) would require careful planning, but they were up to the challenge. The Quatris Health team introduced Cheryl to the EMR software through a demo database before the system was implemented, which allowed her to develop customized forms ahead of time. A trainer from Quatris helped the rest of the staff learn Centricity basics as well as how to use the customized forms developed just for CTAAC.

Once the staff had adjusted to electronic charting, they began scanning in existing patient charts using Ideal Image, a document management system that seamlessly integrates with Centricity. Dr. Cook decided to reduce his patient schedule for the first two weeks of implementation, but quickly got back to seeing a full patient load.

The Result.

Within six months, Cheryl noticed the piles of physical charts dwindling, along with the costs associated with pulling, organizing and storing patient charts. Thanks to Centricity, ePrescribing and Ideal Image, CTAAC eliminated down-coding and saved between $30,000 and $40,000 in payroll. Communication within the staff improved now that all of the information was synchronized. After three years, CTAAC is proud to say it’s a truly paperless practice. “Even the patients are impressed by how efficient we are,” says Cheryl.

With the combination of integrated software, carefully planned implementation and training, and responsive support, Quatris Health helped Central Texas Allergy & Asthma Center become a better practice.