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Centricity Live 2015

Centricity LIVE sessions are now posted on-line!

Click here to see many of the great Enterprise Imaging, Care Delivery Management, and Financial Management session titles and descriptions being presented at Centricity LIVE.

Here’s just a sample of the track titles and descriptions available for Centricity customers:

“What accounts should I be touching? A/R stratification best practices”

“Blending insights with optimization. Using Client Metrics to drive organization change”

“Enhancing productivity and performance with Enterprise Imaging services”

“Healthcare IT Innovations helping to drive outcomes in Enterprise Imaging solutions”

“Centricity Perioperative: Centricity High Acuity Roadmap Session”

“Using Centricity Perinatal to improve Clinical Documentation and Quality”

“Using Centricity Cardio Enterprise to complement the EMR”

With more than 200 education tracks, product roadmap presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on training, Centricity LIVE is the premier learning conference to help you optimize your investment in Centricity software.

See you in Orlando!

Attendees are eligible to purchase specially priced Disney Meeting & Convention Tickets. Click here to save 10% at Walt Disney World.

Register today, mark your calendar, and bookmark the
Centricity LIVE 2015 web page to get updates on conference content in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando in April!

Click here to download the Centricity LIVE 2015 justification letter for your manager.

November KB and November ICD/CPT Code Update Now Available

Recently, GE Healthcare has made the November 2015 Incremental Knowledgebase and November ICD/CPT codes for CPS11 and CPS 12 available.

The November KB Update contains the following updated clinical information for CPS:

  • Formularies
  • Medication reference and interaction information
  • Changes/additions to RxNorm and Dose Checking reference tables
  • Medi-Span DDAD
  • Medi-Span SD

The November ICD/CPT codes for CPS11 and CPS12 contains the following updated information for those CPS Chart users:

  • Updated ICD mappings for problem searching
  • Note: If you use only the PM component of CPS, you do not need this update

If Quatris performs your KB updates, you will see a ticket logged for us to perform these two updates for you in the upcoming days.

If you perform your own KB updates, these updates are available for download on the GE Customer Service Portal

IMPORTANT NOTE: The installation steps have changed so please refer to the Release Notes for downloading, installing and loading these updates. Knowledgebase updates are version specific so please match your current CPS version with the appropriate download file. 

The November 2015 update is an incremental release. You must install the September 2015 Full and the October 2015 Incremental Updates before installing this one.

If you have any questions, please contact Quatris support at

Thank you,

Quatris Health

2015 Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays from Quatris Health!


Quatris knows the importance of spending quality time with family and friends during the holiday season. As we look forward to the holidays, please keep this note as a reminder of the holiday support we have scheduled for the remainder of this year and the beginning of 2016.


11/26 & 11/27    Closed in observance of Thanksgiving
12/24     Limited coverage in observance of Christmas
12/25     Closed in observance of Christmas Day

12/31     Limited coverage in observance of New Years

01/01     Closed in observance of New Year’s Day


Please know that After Hours Support is available.  Our standard “After Hours Support” fees will apply for any support services requested during the holiday. If you need assistance or have questions, please call Quatris Support Services at (817) 282-0300.


From our family to yours; thank you and enjoy a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!


Quatris Health


November 17, 2015


Dear Centricity™ Practice Solution Customers:


We hope your PQRS preparations are progressing and that you are beginning to take advantage of the available resources on the Quality Reporting App on Podio and the GE Healthcare’s Quality Reporting Communities.


In addition to these resources, Quatris will also be providing the following webinars.


PQRS 2015 – Click Here to register

Friday, November 20, 2015  at 11:00am CST

Description:  This webinar will provide information on reporting methods available for submission of your PQRS data, specifically addressing those supported by Quatris.


QSS Enrollment – Click Here to register

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 11:00am CST

Description:  This webinar will be specifically for customers wishing to participate in the GE QSS program for submission of PQRS data.  It will cover the steps and timeline required for QSS Enrollment.


The above webinars will be recorded so even if you are unable to attend the live webinar, please register so you can receive the documentation and a link to the recording.


Follow the Communities


The Quality Reporting Communities are new resource for PQRS 2015.  They are central hubs for GE and Quatris to share PQRS information and for you to collaborate with your peers.



As always, please contact Quatris with any questions via the Customer Service Portal, via email at support@quatris.comor via phone at 817-282-0300.



Quatris Health

Product Information Notice: Transition of Care

Dear Centricity™ Practice Solution and Centricity EMR Customers:


We would like to direct your attention to a potential issue affecting the transmission of Summaries of Care and the reporting of these transmissions for Meaningful Use Measure 5 – Health Information Exchange (formerly Summary of Care). Although the majority of our customers use the EzAccess Patient Portal (highlighted throughout in red), we are providing all Summary of Care workflow updates in this communication.


GE Healthcare has identified issues that, under certain circumstances, may result in

1)       incomplete transmission of some Summaries of Care  and

2)       artificially low or high Summary of Care percentages in the Clinical Quality Reporting (CQR)     Meaningful Use Dashboard.

Each user may be affected differently depending on individual workflows and products utilized.


Affected Users

This situation affects Centricity Practice Solution and Centricity EMR customers on versions 12.0.x and 9.8.x who use the following workflows to send Summaries of Care:

  • Centricity Clinical Messenger – possibly affected by incomplete transmissions also likely net under reporting
  • SM-ToC Encounter Form – likely net under reporting
  • Surescripts Automated Clinical Messenger – potentially net over reporting
  • Qvera Interface Engine- potentially over reporting
  • EZAccess Summary of Care workflow-believed not to be impacted


Issue Description

If you are an affected customer, then the CQR Meaningful Use dashboard likely will not reflect the Summaries of Care actually sent by your practice.  In some cases a Summary of Care may not have been sent.


Incomplete transmissions:


For the Centricity Clinical Messenger workflow, incomplete transmissions may have occurred. As a result, the target recipient may not have actually received the Summary of Care and the CQR Meaningful Use Dashboard may display Summary of Care percentages that, while accurate, are lower than expected.


This issue arises because those recipients selected from the Surescripts Directory who do not have a Surescripts-issued “Direct address” are sent a notice that contains a link to the Summary of Care rather than the full Summary of Care attachment (the expected workflow). Because an order was created but a compliant transmission was not sent, CQR will log the Summary of Care denominator without crediting the corresponding numerator.


The other workflows are not affected by this issue.


Low or high transmission reporting:


The Centricity Clinical Messenger, the SM-TOC Encounter Form, and, to a lesser extent, the Surescripts Automated Clinical Messenger workflows result in Summary of Care percentages in CQR that are artificially low.  This issue arises because CQR logs the denominator for a compliant transmission without adding to a corresponding numerator, and as a result, orders will appear as unmet.

In a minority of cases for all four workflows, Summary of Care percentages in CQR may be artificially high. This situation occurs when providers “Complete” referral orders on the same day as they are ordered. In this case, the CQR denominator display is not increased as it should be.


Believed to not be impacted:


The EzAccess Patient Portal engaged in Transition of Care testing with GE last week based on GE’s guidance and the recommended Transition of Care workflow with EzAccess was logging data correctly.


Recommended Actions



Until you upgrade (information on upgrade timing is below), we recommend that you take the following actions for the affected workflows for sending Summaries of Care to ensure complete transmission and prepare your database for the long-term corrections:

  • Centricity Clinical Messenger – we recommend that you continue to use this workflow with the following modifications:

Until you upgrade, when sending Summaries of Care to recipients without a “Direct address” with the format selected from the Surescripts Directory, users should instead save the contact to the Personal Address Book and select the recipient from there for a successful transmission.


Note: GE Healthcare recommends that users identify and consider resending Summaries of Care that did not transmit properly and that are unread when such a transmission remains clinically appropriate. Such transmissions will be counted for the Meaningful Use measure. We are working on ways to help identify these Summaries of Care.


We do not recommend resending Summaries of Care that did not transmit properly if they were read by the recipient. In these cases, GE is exploring a way to add these to your numerator count per the revised approach to HIE in the recent CMS Meaningful Use Final Rule.


Please be aware that any artificially low net Summary of Care percentages in the CQR dashboard, if present, will remain artificially low until you can apply the upgrades.

  • SM-ToC Encounter Form – we recommend that you discontinue use of this workflow until you upgrade.

To ensure better recovery of historical transmission data, werecommend that you use the Centricity Clinical Messenger workflow with the modifications listed above until you upgrade your products.


Please be aware that any artificially low net Summary of Care percentages in the CQR dashboard, if present, will remain artificially low until you can apply the upgrades.

  • Surescripts’ Automated Clinical Messenger (ACM) – we recommend that you continue to use this workflow.

Please be aware that any artificially high net Summary of Care percentages in the CQR dashboard, if present, will remain artificially high until you can apply the upgrade.

  • Qvera Interface Engine – we recommend that you continue to use this workflow

Please be aware that any artificially high Summary of Care percentages in the CQR dashboard, if present, will remain artificially high until you can apply the upgrade.

  • EZAccess Summary of Care workflow– we recommend that you continue to use this workflow and still upgrade to Service Pack 11 as a precaution

Please be aware that any artificially high Summary of Care percentages in the CQR dashboard, if present, will remain artificially high until you can apply the upgrade.


If you are using one of the affected workflows, you will need to upgrade Centricity Practice Solution or Centricity EMR as described in the next section and resend data to CQR prior to attestation in order for your data to display accurately in CQR.


Permanent Fix:


A permanent fix will be released with an upgrade to both Service Pack 11 and Centricity Clinical Messenger & Patient Portal v6.4.15.  These upgrades will resolve Summary of Care counts in the future and will provide you credit for Summaries of Care sent prior to your upgrade.


We expect the upgrades will be available in mid to late November.


Contact Information
Helping you deliver high quality of care is our top priority. If you have any questions on the information in this communication, please contact Quatris Support immediately by calling emailing or calling 817-282-0300 or logging a ticket via our customer portal.



Quatris Health