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About Our Company | Quatris Health

Quatris Health provides software and database solutions for medical practices, as well as the training and support needed to maximize the benefit from your technology investment. The company was formed in 2013 as the result of a merger between two regional resellers of GE’s Centricity™ Practice Solution, Final Support and Alliance Healthcare Solutions. Upon its creation, Quatris Health became the largest value-added reseller of Centricity™.

One of the primary advantages of purchasing Centricity™ through Quatris Health is our unique system of implementation. With our staged implementation process, you determine the timetable according to your schedule and patient load, making it possible to upgrade your practice without sacrificing time spent seeing patients.

Beyond implementation, Quatris Health remains your partner in practice, guiding you and your employees as you learn to use the software, and providing support whenever you experience a problem. Our customer support staff is ready to answer any question, big or small, with knowledgeable and friendly advice. If we can’t resolve your problem in-house, our close relationship with GE gives us access to even greater resources. Finally, Quatris Health provides an easy way to manage your digital data through our cloud services.

For more information about how Quatris can take your practice to the next level, contact our team.