November KB and November ICD/CPT Code Update Now Available

Recently, GE Healthcare has made the November 2015 Incremental Knowledgebase and November ICD/CPT codes for CPS11 and CPS 12 available.

The November KB Update contains the following updated clinical information for CPS:

  • Formularies
  • Medication reference and interaction information
  • Changes/additions to RxNorm and Dose Checking reference tables
  • Medi-Span DDAD
  • Medi-Span SD

The November ICD/CPT codes for CPS11 and CPS12 contains the following updated information for those CPS Chart users:

  • Updated ICD mappings for problem searching
  • Note: If you use only the PM component of CPS, you do not need this update

If Quatris performs your KB updates, you will see a ticket logged for us to perform these two updates for you in the upcoming days.

If you perform your own KB updates, these updates are available for download on the GE Customer Service Portal

IMPORTANT NOTE: The installation steps have changed so please refer to the Release Notes for downloading, installing and loading these updates. Knowledgebase updates are version specific so please match your current CPS version with the appropriate download file. 

The November 2015 update is an incremental release. You must install the September 2015 Full and the October 2015 Incremental Updates before installing this one.

If you have any questions, please contact Quatris support at

Thank you,

Quatris Health